Finding the Right Buyer

Many business sale structures require careful selection of the right buyer for your business. Just finding someone who has the ability to pay the purchase price is often not enough to ensure the transaction is a success. In this podcast, attorney James Voigt explains the important areas of concern in ensuring not only a successful transaction, but the legacy of your business as well.

  • exit planning
  • succession planning
  • small business
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • earn out
  • seller financing

Direct and Cross Examinations

During this podcast, attorney Matthew Sheahin, who has over 19 years of litigation experience and a proven track record, explores the necessity and technique of a good direct and cross examination.

  • direct examination
  • cross examination
  • deposition
  • trial

Pretrial Motions – An Introduction

This podcast focuses on some of the various pretrial motions commonly used in criminal cases as well as the importance of getting pretrial motions filed early on in the case. Attorney James Doerr highlights the importance of getting an attorney involved at the inception of the case.

  • motion for substitution of judge
  • motion for reduction of bail
  • motion to suppress statements
  • motion to suppress confession
  • motion to suppress evidence
  • motion to suppress lineup identification
  • joinder
  • severance
  • change of venue
  • speedy trial demand

Estate Planning for a Second (or More) Marriage

If you or a family member are lucky enough to find love again after death or divorce, estate planning issues can be more complicated than they seem. Listen in, as Attorney Heather Walser explains everything you need to know about planning your estate for a future second (or more) relationship or marriage.

  • estate planning
  • second marriage
  • divorce
  • step-children

A Guide for First Time Home Buyers

When buying a home for the first time, purchasers often feel overwhelmed. A residential real estate contract can be a complicated document. Real estate attorneys are here to walk purchasers through the entire process, from the signing of the contract all the way through closing. In this podcast, real estate attorney Chance Badertscher explains the process and answers questions that first time home buyers often ask.

  • real estate
  • residential real estate
  • negotiations
  • home buying
  • first time home buyer
  • home inspection
  • property taxes
  • real estate attorney

Sentencing Alternatives to Jail

In this podcast, attorney James Doerr discusses sentencing in criminal matters, particularly the sentencing options available to the judge in lieu of a lengthy period of incarceration.

  • sentencing alternatives
  • community service
  • probation
  • drug school
  • theft school
  • deferred prosecution
  • SWAP
  • electronic home monitoring
  • work release
  • alcohol and drug treatment
  • jail
  • prison
  • incarceration

Reviewing and Updating Your Beneficiary Designations

Beneficiary designations are among the most over-looked and neglected aspects of a creating a well-rounded estate plan. When was the last time you checked your beneficiary designations on your retirement accounts? Or on your life insurance policies? If it’s been a while, you may be surprised when you review these designations. Have you recently married, divorced, or had children? Have these individuals been properly included (or excluded) as the case may be? Many assets, such as 401(k)s, IRAs, 403(b)s, life insurance policies, and even some bank accounts, allow for the naming of beneficiaries to whom these assets will pass in the event of the owner’s death. Ensuring that all of your assets pass the way you want after your death is of paramount importance for estate planning attorneys and our clients. In this podcast, attorney Ryan Gardner explains how he helps his clients from a holistic standpoint determine how assets are titled, how beneficiaries are designated, and ensures that their assets are provided for in their estate plan, which includes more than just a Will or a Trust. This podcast answers some common questions and provides perspective on how to accomplish your goals with respect to reviewing and updating beneficiary designations.

  • estate planning
  • beneficiary
  • financial planning
  • wealth management
  • Lavelle Law

Airbnb Chicago Regulations

A few years ago, Airbnb came into the market and became popular very quickly as an online source connecting anyone with a space to rent with those looking for a temporary place to sleep. But with the new “sharing economy” which has also given rise to the likes of Uber and Lyft – and in response to constituents – namely the hotel industry, local government is finding that more local oversight is becoming necessary. On June 22, 2016, the Chicago City Council passed a new ordinance that imposes tighter regulations on the house-sharing industry. Albeit, many are still arguing the regulations aren’t enough. In this podcast, attorney Kelly Anderson unpacks the details of these new regulations.

  • airbnb
  • house sharing
  • sharing economy
  • house rentals
  • chicago airbnb ordinance

Attorney Fees and Leveling the Playing Field in a Divorce

In this podcast, attorney Amil Alkass discusses the issue of “interim” and “prospective” attorney fees in an Illinois divorce proceeding and addresses when a court will award attorney fees to a spouse from the other during a litigated divorce case.

  • interim attorney fees
  • prospective fees
  • attorney fees
  • divorce
  • paternity
  • sanctions