Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Is bankruptcy right for me? In this podcast, attorney Timothy Hughes explains the different factors that lead people to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, and all that is involved.

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Illinois’ Landmark Body Camera Law

Legislation signed by Governor Rauner on August 12, 2015, outlines how police should use body cameras and establishes updates aimed at bias-free policing and improving police training. Specifically, the law addresses when body cameras should be worn, when taping should begin, and how long recorded videos should be kept. In this podcast, attorney Sarah Flohr explains this new law in detail.

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Restrictive Covenants for Home Healthcare Businesses

Restrictive covenants are critical to protect relationships with patients. However, recent court decisions have impacted the enforceability of such covenants. Therefore, agencies must be cautious in how they draft such agreements. In this podcast, attorney Ted McGinn explains what you need to know before you draft restrictive covenant agreements.

  • non compete agreements
  • non solicitation agreements
  • patient theft
  • patient choice

Resolution Outside of Litigation

Parties can resolve their differences outside of court even after litigation has begun, and whether it’s at the initial proceeding or getting close to trial. There is arbitration and mediation which may assist or completely resolve the issues in dispute. Depending on the dollar amount alleged in a case, a case may be mandated to go to arbitration. Arbitration is more like a trial, and mediation is more like a settlement conference. At the arbitration, you will present evidence and ask questions of the parties. However, a mediation is more like a settlement conference, in which the mediator listens to both parties’ arguments, but seeks to problem solve and create resolution for the parties. In this podcast, attorney Heidi Kuffel discusses both of these legal solutions.

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  • settlement outside of court
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IRS Trust Fund Tax Liabilities

One thing that many business owners do not realize is that if their company does not pay its employment taxes, they can be held individually responsible for a significant portion of the unpaid taxes. This means that while the company’s liability will essentially be forgotten when the business closes, this personal liability remains, and must be paid, even after the business is closed. In this podcast, attorney Joshua Nesser discusses the circumstances under which this "Trust Fund Recovery Penalty" can be assessed and what individuals should do if they think they will, or already have been assessed.

  • trust fund recovery penalty
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Should I Add my Children to my Bank Account?

As parents get older, they often consider adding their children to bank accounts in order either to ease the administrative burdens of daily financial interactions, or as a very basic form of estate planning. In this podcast, attorney Brian Warens discusses the unintended and undesirable consequences of parents adding children to bank accounts and how to avoid the same.

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  • signature authority
  • joint ownership
  • power of attorney for property
  • beneficiary designations
  • pay on death accounts
  • estate plan

Defending Wage Claims

One of my employees had filed a wage claim against me – what do I do now? In this podcast, attorney Lance Ziebell discusses what a wage claim is and how to defend one.

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  • liability
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How Does the New Calculation for Maintenance Affect my Divorce Case?

A new maintenance law took effect on January 1, 2015 that provides a strict calculation for how much maintenance – formerly known as alimony – a spouse will pay in a divorce. This podcast, with attorney Kristina Regal, explores what the new law says – and what it doesn’t say.

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Nuts and Bolts of a Marital Settlement Agreement

What does the Court need to finalize a divorce decree? What, if any items can be dealt with at a later time? Listen to Attorney Jenét Pequeño from Lavelle Law describe the process of getting the final documents that the court needs to finalize a divorce. Learn what the court looks at in terms of settlement provisions and how it is dealt with. The process can be filled with challenges that would make somebody second guess going it alone.

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Craft Brewers and the Law in Illinois

Often at odds with each other, the Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois and the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild finally crafted some sweeping and overdue changes to craft brewing laws in Illinois loosening up tight restrictions on how and when craft brewers sell beer and how much they can brew. This new legislation was signed into law on August 24, 2015. In this podcast, attorney Kelly Anderson explains the specifics of this new legislation.

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