Lavelle’s New Book Published by the ABA

Relying on his 25+ years of experience in operating his own practice, attorney Kerry Lavelle has authored a new book on law practice management that has been published by the American Bar Association. The Business Guide to Law: Creating and Operating a Successful Law Firm takes a new approach to the topic as it describes why and how running a law firm must be approached first from a business perspective. The book is also unique in the marketplace in that it covers three distinct phases of the life-cycle of a law firm – starting it, growing the firm and ultimately transitioning it to the next generation of partners. This podcast features a detailed discussion with the author on why he wrote the book, what audience it is targeted to, and what makes it a unique approach to this topic.

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  • starting your own law firm
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  • growing a law firm
  • law firm mergers and acquisitions

Elder Abuse – How to Prevent It, and What To Do When You Suspect It

As our loved ones age, many factors such as physical illness, diminishing mental capacity, and dementia can make them vulnerable to neglect, abuse, and exploitation by caregivers, family members or others. There are a number of Illinois laws and mechanisms in place to prevent and respond to these types of elder abuse. In this podcast, attorney Heather Walser explores: (1) the options available to help prevent these types of elder abuse, and (2) the steps you should take if you suspect that a friend or loved one has been the victim of elder abuse.

  • elder law
  • financial exploitation of the elderly
  • trusts
  • powers of attorney

How do I Change my Name Legally?

This podcast addresses name change petitions in Illinois for both adult and children. Attorney Amil Alkass explores the process of obtaining a name change and the legal requirements that must be met.

  • name change
  • Illinois name change
  • sex offender name change

Property Tax Appeal

In this podcast, attorney Tim Hughes explains how property taxes are calculated and what possibly can be done to lower yours.

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  • Illinois name change
  • sex offender name change

Illinois’ Proposed Legislation That Could Save Lives

Medical amnesty policies are laws or acts which protect from liability those who seek medical attention as a result of illegal actions. In Illinois, the House and Senate have passed a bill which would provide immunity to individuals under the age of 21 who are in need of medical help as well as those who call on their behalf. Proponents say the proposed bill would help to remove the fear of legal trouble which prevents teens from calling for help for a friend who has passed out after drinking too much. In this podcast, attorney Sarah Flohr discusses the proposed Illinois legislation and how it would affect minors in the State.

  • drinking age
  • medical amnesty
  • legal immunity
  • intoxicated minors
  • good samaritan laws

Post-Judgment Proceedings

People often think that entering a judgment means the case is complete, but it’s only just the beginning. In this podcast, attorney Heidi Kuffel shares what actually happens after a judgment is entered. She discusses post-judgment proceedings, conditional judgments, and who can issue citations as well as what happens when they’re not answered.

  • judgments
  • post-judgment proceedings
  • conditional judgments
  • citations

36 Month Rule – Transfer of Medicare Providers

In the wake of rampant transfers of Home Health Care providers, Medicare passed the “36 month rule” that now restricts the ability of an owner of a home health care company from transferring their ownership, within certain time frames. In this podcast, attorney Ted McGinn will discuss the 36 month rule and it's impact on Home Health Care.

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  • 36 month rule
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  • change of information
  • cost report

Do Custodial Parents Ever Have to Pay Child Support?

Most people are familiar with the concept of child support – that a parent without residential custody has to pay a parent with residential custody money to support his or her child. But a recent Illinois court ruling now provides that parents who have residential custody may have not pay child support to parents without residential custody, in some cases. This podcast with attorney Kristina Regal explores when this new case law applies to divorce cases, and when it doesn’t.

  • child support
  • child custody
  • joint custody
  • sole custody
  • residential custody
  • visitation

IRS Audit Defense

One of the IRS’s strongest methods of enforcement and collection is auditing tax returns. In this podcast, attorney Josh Nesser discusses why audits occur, what occurs in an audit, and what options taxpayers have when they disagree with audit results.

Why do I Need an Employee Handbook?

In addition to making clear a company’s policies and procedures, employee handbooks can help an employer when employees make claims against the employer. Listen to attorney Lance Ziebell to find out how and why.

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