- Jul 16, 2014


Everyone’s estate planning needs are different, but everyone needs an estate plan.  Estate planning does not only involve putting together a will which leave gifts to friends and family upon your death.  An equally important component of completing an estate plan is creating powers of attorney that name individuals to make financial and medical decision on your behalf while you are alive but unable to act.  A comprehensive and appropriate estate plan ensures that your wishes are followed during life and after death.  This podcast with Estate Planning attorney Brian Warens of Lavelle Law will explain the importance of a well rounded estate plan and how to use one properly.

- Jul 8, 2014


People often think about a divorce as dividing up the assets in a marriage. However, divorce is also about the allocation of marital debts, including mortgage loans, home equity loans, pension loans, credit card debts, and the like. This podcast with Kristina Regal of  Lavelle Law, Ltd. explores the options for allocating debts in a divorce.

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- Jul 3, 2014


Mechanics liens can be a powerful tool for those performing services on a person’s home or a commercial building – what do you need to know about them?  This Podcast with Lance Ziebell of Lavelle Law will explore mechanics liens and teach you all you need to know.

- Jul 1, 2014


In recent years, it seems that the Illinois Department of Revenue has significantly increased its collection efforts against taxpayers. One way it has done this is by initiating more audits, which usually relate to income, sales, or employment taxes. Many times as a result of these examinations, IDOR will propose significant adjustments against taxpayers that may result in substantial tax liabilities. If the taxpayers are not able to come to an acceptable resolution with their auditors, their only choice may be to contest the auditors’ findings through an administrative hearing. Because these hearings involve complex legal procedures, it is imperative that taxpayers have adequate legal representation to protect and preserve their rights and to advocate on their behalves.  This Podcast with Josh Nesser of Lavelle Law will explore IDOR Hearings and offer clarity on their purpose.

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- Jun 18, 2014


Maintenance in Illinois divorce is a complicated issue for the courts to decide. Many common questions include: What factors are used to assist the court in determining maintenance?  Is maintenance set like child support is? The questions and more will be answered in this podcast with family law Attorney Jenét Pequeno.  Tune in to learn what factors the court uses when it comes to determining maintenance in a divorce proceeding.

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- Jun 11, 2014


In the past several years – the use of social networking has exploded.  While much of the technology provides incredible opportunities for businesses – there are also potential legal pitfalls for employers.  Employers and employees need to be aware of the disadvantages of participating in social networking in the workplace.  This podcast with Kelly Anderson of Lavelle Law, Ltd. will outline those disadvantages and offer insight to employers on what to expect.

- Jun 10, 2014


Boaters face punishment of a class A misdemeanor 364 days jail, $2,500 fines for operating a watercraft (boating) under the influence.  Boaters have less protections than motorists in that they can be stopped without a reasonable and articulable suspicion of wrongdoing.  Boaters can be stopped and boarded for license and safety checks without probable cause.  How are Standardized Field Sobriety tests conducted?  Will this impact your driver’s license?  What about a statutory summary suspension?  What effect will an out-of-state violation of this nature have in Illinois?  These issues will be discussed in this podcast with criminal attorney, James Doerr of Lavelle Law, Ltd.

- Jun 3, 2014


What if you are an employer and you shared confidential information, such as client lists with an employee and now the employee is contacting your clients and starting up a competitive business?  What if a competitor named their business the same or similar name of your business?  What if you find out that a lessee is absconding with your vehicles that you leased to them?  In these situations, you need immediate relief, so what can you do?  You can file a temporary restraining order and ask the Court to enter an order stopping that person from doing whatever it is that is harming you now until you can have a full hearing on the matter.  A temporary restraining order (“TRO”) is an equitable remedy that is issued in exceptional and emergency situations when it is necessary to preserve the status quo until the court has an opportunity to rule on a motion for preliminary injunction.  This podcast with Jennifer Burt of Lavelle Law will explore temporary restraining orders and how you can utilize them. 

- May 30, 2014


One strategy to keep good employees long term is to offer them stock in your company.  This must be done with care to avoid giving away control in the company, and to properly manage the tax result.  This podcast with James D. Voigt of Lavelle Law, Ltd. will explore the options and procedures involved in launching a stock reward program for your employees.

- May 7, 2014


Did you know the State of Illinois offers up to a 25% state income tax credit to businesses and individuals who make investments in qualified new business ventures?  The Illinois Angel Investment Credit Program (“Program”) is designed to attract and encourage investment in early-stage, innovative companies.  Listen to this podcast with Steven Migala of Lavelle Law, Ltd. to learn about the Program's details.

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