Crowdfunding – Is it Right for Me?

In this podcast, attorney Christopher Williams explains the types of crowdfunding that are available and how to get involved in this type of fund raiser. He also discusses the risks involved with investing in crowdfunding.

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  • equity
  • reg A+

No Fault Divorce – The new law in Illinois

In January, the law changed to eliminate the need for grounds for a divorce. Prior to 2016, every divorce had to be for a reason. That’s no longer the case. In this podcast, attorney Kristina Regal explores other new changes in divorce law.

  • divorce
  • grounds
  • fault
  • dissolution
  • irreconcilable differences

New 2016 DUI Laws

This podcast with attorney James Doerr focuses on some recent legislative enactments that impact DUI’s and DUI revoked licenses.

  • dui law
  • statutory summary suspensions
  • traffic law
  • reinstatement of driving privileges

Lost Profits and Damages

In this podcast, attorney Matthew Sheahin addresses when “lost profits” are appropriate as a damage award and which claims typically involve such a damages component.

  • lost profits
  • not speculative
  • damages

Cell Phone Tower Lease Agreements – Lessor’s Negotiating Power

The cell tower market seems to be swinging slightly in favor of property owners. Lots of cell tower networks were constructed in the 90’s – now those leases are coming up for renewal, and over time, landlords have educated themselves and become smarter about what rates they should actually be getting – so it’s possible that rates might be on the rise. But landowners need to be careful and make sure they aren’t giving away the farm when negotiating these leases. In this podcast, attorney Kelly Anderson discusses the issues you need to consider in these negotiations.

  • cell tower
  • lease rates
  • co-location rent
  • cell tower subleases
  • termination rights

Tax Extenders Legislation for Businesses

There is a new tax and spending bill recently passed by the House of Representatives and working its way through Congress which extends some previous tax provisions that had expired on January 1, 2015. Many changes are permanent and some are temporary. In this podcast, attorney Steve Migala and CPA Dan Duncan address how this new legislation impacts businesses.

  • tax extenders
  • tax and spending bill
  • section 179
  • depreciation

Everything You Need to Know about the Illinois Heath Care Power of Attorney Act

It is vitally important to prepare for your potential incapacity by executing estate planning documents – including and especially a power of attorney for health care and a power of attorney for property. In this podcast with Heather Walser, find out everything you need to know about these documents, and how to choose the best agent for the job.

  • power of attorney
  • advance directive
  • living will
  • health care agent
  • fiduciary

Do I get Taxed on Transferring Property in a Divorce?

During this podcast, attorney Amil Alkass discusses how property is transferred in divorce from one spouse to the other and the possible tax ramifications associated with a division of a marital estate.

  • divorce tax
  • taxes in a divorce
  • taxes

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Is bankruptcy right for me? In this podcast, attorney Timothy Hughes explains the different factors that lead people to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, and all that is involved.

  • debts
  • lawsuits
  • collections
  • bill paying

Illinois’ Landmark Body Camera Law

Legislation signed by Governor Rauner on August 12, 2015, outlines how police should use body cameras and establishes updates aimed at bias-free policing and improving police training. Specifically, the law addresses when body cameras should be worn, when taping should begin, and how long recorded videos should be kept. In this podcast, attorney Sarah Flohr explains this new law in detail.

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